Auto Marketing

 Automate Your Marketing

Attract more leads and turn them into customers - while you do other things. ZigZag streamlines your processes by automating your lead capture and automating payment of your partners and affiliates. 

If you and your partner co-create a Membership Site, and you have a team of sales people who are referring customers to you using their unique Affiliate Links created through ZigZag. Here's how that would work...

Let's say that the product sells for $100. The affiliate on your sales team receives a 25% commission for referring each new sale.  The balance is split equally between you and your partner.

With ZigZag's use of the PayPal Adaptive Pay API, the sale would come into your PayPal account and you would see $100 being added to your balance.

Invisible to the customer, ZigZag would then automatically take 25% of the purchase price, or $25, and pay it to the referral affiliate who referred the sale.

Of the remaining $75, ZigZag would then pay your partner his $37.50, again invisible to the customer.  And you would have $37.50 net remaining in your PayPal account.

With the powerful tools built into ZigZag, you can even have the new customer added to BOTH your autoresponder and your partner's autoresponder automatically!