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Frankly, I am writing this endorsement with huge hesitation, as the ZigZag system has given us a massive competitive advantage over the past two years, and we do not want others to be using what I consider to be our "secret weapon".

The ability for us to offer our affiliates and JV partners instant payments on sales is massive.

And the instant pay format also saves us big dollars by not needing an accounting person to handle affiliate payments.

There's far more benefit than just that--we continually find more ways in which the software can enhance our business.

Ken Krell


I am beyond impressed with ZigZag. It does much more than any other system on the market today. There are a few key features that set ZigZag apart from the competition.

The first is, of course, the price.. ZigZag costs much less than any of the other high-end systems.

The second is instant payments.. my affiliates no longer need to wait 30 days or longer to get paid, I no longer need to spend hours calculating affiliate payments, and - thanks to ZigZag - 3rd party fees to utilize instant payments is a thing of the past.

Another unique feature is that ZigZag can be used as a standalone system or be easily integrated into any current system.

And the list of features goes on. In fact, there are hundreds - maybe even thousands - of features that makes ZigZag the perfect solution for the savvy entrepreneur.

Holly Cotter